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IESL’s portal Strata MecanicaTM is our latest innovation, it aims to have one of the most complete data, knowledge and computational capabilities for use in geomechanical applications. It allows the user to find and use engineering data sets such as fracturing pressures, pore pressure, grain size determination and many more applications for many regions of the world. 

The user can carry out all computations, calibrations and sensitivity analysis for applications such as determining rock mechanical properties, wellbore stability, sanding prediction, Field stresses determination, fracturing and perforation design calculations among many more. Built based on computational systems used by IESL for over 25 years the capabilities are robust, validated and supported; digitalization our these capabilities has been done in a easy to use format and the user is supported in its familiarization with the system all the way.

Strata-MecanicaTM relays on a transfer of a successful engineering capability to the operator, service company or academic institution.

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