Engineering & Technology

Our services provide engineering and operational support to our clients in many areas of the exploration, production and field management processes such as:

Well construction

  • Wellbore stability during drilling
  • Operational planning
  • Completion design and equipment selection
  • Formation damage
  • Well mechanical performance

Reservoir mechanical performance

  • Changes in petro-physical properties
  • Reservoir mechanical integrity

Production/Injection performance

  • Sand management
  • Water injection performance evaluation
  • Well mechanical performance

Data engineering and Analysis

  • Basin mechanical and engineering data for our clients in most oil & gas basins; from the Peruvian jungle to Southern Australia and from West Africa to Norway

Well Construction

Over the years over 70% of our projects in well construction have been for planning and execution of drilling and completion operations, we developed very strong processes supported by a robust QA/QC (ISO 9001) to determine the critical parameters for these type of operations such as:

1. Optimum static and dynamic mud weight envelopes

2. Fluid invasion and mechanical damage predictions

3. Expected hole size

4. Optimum well orientation

5. Completion selection and equipment specifications

6. Sand control method selection and completion design

7. Perforation design

8. Formation damage analysis

9. Reservoir inflow and well isolation

IESL Reservoir Mechanical Performance

Reservoir Mechanical Performance

Reservoir performance in mechanical terms is now days an integral part of field development processes. It is important because mechanical behaviour of the reservoir (Seals, source rock and hydrocarbon bearing matrix) can contribute to an optimum development and production strategy that in time will result in safer production, lower costs and improved reserves recovery; our services will contribute to the determination and optimisation of:

1. Well location selection

2. Depletion strategy

3. Seal integrity

4. Pore system collapse limits

5. Changes in reservoir’s petro-physical properties

6. Production and injection pressure optimization

7. Natural fracture identification and performance prediction

8. Mechanical characterization of shales

Production & Injection performance

Production & Injection Performance

Production and injection in a mechanical context is an area where IESL has developed significant expertise, the company has been involved managing mechanical aspects of reservoir management for projects of up to 8 years of continuous day-to-day involvement. Our expertise covers areas such as:

1. Wellbore mechanical performance, compaction

2. Sand production management

3. Identification of impairment mechanisms and their removal

4. Water injector performance

5. Economics and well/plant efficiency determination

6. Well Operating limits

7. Thermal fracturing

8. Well intervention planning and operations

9. Stimulation treatment design

IESL Data Engineering & Analysis

Data Engineering & Analysis

Over the 25 years of successful operations the company developed a large number of analytical and engineering systems that were used to carry out the services we provide. These engineering systems are composed of databases, algorithms, knowledge bases and computational tools designed to support the user on many of the tasks required by the well construction, production/ injection, reservoir management and well intervention operations projects.

This services are provided in our newly developed portal; Strata-MecanicaTM. The portal is divided in six (6) areas of expertise that cover the exploration, well construction, production/ injection and well intervention and abandonment processes. Its content is based on the mechanical performance of the well, reservoir and production/injection stages in the life of a field. Commercial access allows the user reach these various capabilities as follows:

IESL Strata Alpha– Prediction tools for high level estimations

IESL Strata Epsilon– Access to data sets and some computational tools

IESL Strata Omega – Full access to the complete set of capabilities

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