The exploration stage of field development is the most important step in the development of hydrocarbon resources, the majority of the data is gathered at this stage and it serve as the basis for most modelling work and future performance prediction and evaluation of a well, reservoir and field. From this module the user can input the basic data sets require for most calculations or predict from existing data sets through many hydrocarbon bearing basins around the world.

1. In-situ main principal field stresses – Calculation or predicted using existing algorithms
2. Determination of the acting stress regime – Calculation
3. Orientation of the main horizontal stresses – Reading from visual or using existing data
4. Estimation of Young Modulus & Poisson ratio – Calculation only
5.Estimations of pore pressures – Calculation
6.Estimation of fracturing pressures – Calculation or prediction using existing algorithm
7. Mechanical conditions of your exercise can be presented in a Dashboard composed of the Bars, pies and numerical results of these 5 parameters (1 to 5)

IESL Project - Wind Power
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